Web & Graphic Design

Graphic design is the visual, artful representation of a brand’s ideas.

SOFT is an IT agency that assist’s clients with innovative ideas and create graphic designs that help capture a company’s vision and draw the attention of potential and current customers. Our graphic design services can include packaging and merchandise design, signage, art installations, published materials, logos, general art, and much more. As a web and graphic design company, our prime focus is on cutting-edge technology combined with the highest UI and UX standards. Our commitment is to focus on the clients, which makes us a winning combination. Our services include custom websites from scratch, logo design, branding, technical support, SEO and much more.

SOFT offer services such as website and graphic design to help businesses present fully formed ideas to the largest possible audience. Graphic design team utilise software to create a variety of materials, in addition to 3D design, photography, and video software. We create artful and eye-catching digital design using tools like Figma and Adobe XD. We have a huge portfolio of professional UX designers that understand the client’s idea and communicate it visually. SOFT understands the importance of brand’s identity and we can manage and promote your brand visually. We offer all sorts of design services including:

  • Corporate identity
  • Print media
  • Printing
  • Web and mobile application
  • Animations
  • Web designs
  • Banners